Summer Special Nannari Sarbath & Sugandhi Drink 1Ltr

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BrandSACRI-KNOLL FormLiquid Product TypeEnergy Drink OrganicYes
South india's summer cool drink with excellent taste and flavor naturally derived, no artificial flavor's added made from the roots of famous sugandhi plants the thick concentrate syrup contains the formula given by the ancient books gives extra, instant energy, besides quenching the thrist
Nannari' roots have the medicinal quality of providing relief from constipation, and acidity, while also purifying blood. " Apart from these, Sarasaparilla is effective for inflammations of liver and spleen, urinary disorders, wheezing, anaemia and rheumatoid arthritis
usage: the best way of having the nannari is in juice form. About 50ml of nannari syrup is diluted with 145ml of cold water and 5 ml of fresh lime juice, to make 200 ml of delicious sherbet.